Audax East Java 2013

Jawa Pos Cycling Audax East Java 2013 was held on 30 June 2013, to celebrate Jawa Pos newspaper’s 64th anniversary and Bhayangkara’s 67th anniversary. Participants rode 232 kilometers route in 11-12 hours. This was the first ever Audax event in the province of East Java, Indonesia.

Audax is not a race. Audax is a non-competitive, time-limited, long-distance cycling. The term “audax,” meaning “audacious,” was given to a movement started in 1897, when a group of Italian cyclists rode 200 km between sunrise and sunset, and known as “les Audacieux.”

These days, classic ride lengths are 200, 300, 400 and 600 km. Longer rides are possible, up to 3,200 km. The most famous Audax Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) is about 1,200 km.

Jawa Pos Cycling Audax East Java 2013 was an official event of AUDAX INDONESIA, the official license holder from L’Union des Audax Francais.